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21 November 2010


For the months of December and January my blog will temporarily be dedicated to a non-kayaking subject: Nepal! On December 27th, after spending a week in Belgium visiting family, I'll be boarding a plane for Kathmandu, Nepal (with a 7 hour stop in Abu Dhabi first!). I'll meet up with the other Cornell students and we'll spend a few days exploring the city while staying at the Cornell-Nepal Study Program housing.

On New Year's Eve we'll be on an all-day bus ride to Mhanegang, a little village in the mountains, northwest of Kathmandu. We'll spend a few days living in the village and learning about the Nepali farming lifestyle. On January 4th we'll depart for a 10-day trek through the mountains (along the Phyukhri Ridge) from which we'll have views of the Himalayas (the Annapurnas to Gosainkund).

Once we get back from our trek, we'll do the whole process backwards!
Stay posted for more info!


Mike said...

All the best in your travels to distant lands... and stay safe! Look forward to your trip updates!

Tammela said...

OMG Nena that sounds like an incredible trip. Can't wait to hear your tales.