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23 June 2010

Wandering around South Uncanoonuc Mountain

A few miles south of Goffstown, NH are a pair of nearly identical mountains (3 ft elevation difference) called the Uncanoonucs, which is apparently native american for women's breasts - it's quite fitting. Tonight Chris, Jed, and I hiked up the South Mountain.

The hike up passed by a serene wetlands area and Uncanoonuc Lake with a big rock in the middle where people were swimming. Note to self: return with a bathing suit! The next part of the trail (Incline Trail) was a straight shot up to the top-- none of us had ever seen such a direct/steep trail up a mountain before. At the top we had a great view, and could see the Boston skyline 50 miles away!

We didn't have too much trouble finding our way up, but on the way down we meandered all over the place on trails that definitely weren't on the trail map, and ended up hiking up the mountain twice... That was alright by me, however, because the power lines guided us home, and we discovered copious amounts of blueberries along the way! What a lovely way to spend a Wednesday afternoon.

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