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19 January 2011

Nepal #1: I made it back alive!

Where should I start? Over the past three-week adventure I've been saturated with facts, stories, anecdotes, and Nepal-specific peculiarities. My goal is to regurgitate them in some type of interesting and useful form that helps me remember as much as possible.

As I sit at this computer (in Belgium, with fast internet connection, at a desk, on a chair, showered, with a toasty basket of machine-washed laundry waiting, belly full of non-rice food items, slightly buzzed after sharing a Stella with my grandmother), I've created the following list of topics that I plan to cover in future blog posts. This should make me feel obligated to write, right?

Nepal in General
  • Top 20? most useful Nepali words!
  • 5 Immediately apparent Nepali quirks 
  • Call Break
  • Types of roti
  • Three geographic regions
  • Water management in Nepal
  • Brief history
  • The group journal! 

  • How to cross the street in Kathmandu (and other scary things)
  • Bhuddist and Hindu sites (monkeys!)
  • Salwar kurta shopping
  • A visit to the Patan Hospital

Village Home-Stay (my favorite part of the trip)
  • Introduction to my host family
  • Dal Bhat (Lentils and Rice). How could this be so interesting? Just wait!
  • Recipe: How to make chiya (delicious Nepali tea)
  • Recipe: How to make tarkari
  • Hmm... I'm a woman and I need to 'shower'... 
  • A visit to the blacksmith
  • Husking rice the human-powered way
  • Making leaf plates
  • Working in the village store
  • Bhutan refugee info
  • Shamanic ceremony

  • Route map
  • A typical day on the trail
  • Incredible views along the way

Please let me know if you have any suggestions, preferences as to the order I post these, or if there's something I shouldn't bother writing about (whether or not you were on the trip!).

Virtually all of these posts will have pictures and/or videos (yay!). Unfortunately these must wait until I return to Boston in a few days...


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