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30 January 2011

Nepal #10: Snapshots of the Trek

This post is to share some of the beautiful scenes we witnessed during our 7-day trek. Below is a map of the route. The river on the right is the Trisuli River.

(Night 1)

(Nights 2, 3, and 4) 

After the first night we decided to move our tents to a spot that was more sheltered, but the morning view was almost worth the cold, windy night! 
Photo by Rabindra Parajuli.

 Porters staying warm around the fire as the chilly clouds breezed through the pass. 

 Sunset over the camp

 Sunset through the trees

(Peak of trek at ~ 12000 ft on day 5)

Me at the top! The above photo was taken by ??? (not me).

The whole group together by the prayer flags. The above photo was taken by Katie Walker using Rabindra Parajuli's awesome camera.

Here's a video from Phyukhri. There wasn't much of a view from the top since a big cloud decided to roll in just as we were summiting. It does, however, give you an idea of how out of breath we were up there! The altitude definitely made it noticeably harder to get enough oxygen (and colder!). Okay, feel free to make fun of me now.

(Night 5)

The above photo was taken by Ryan Arams using a timer shot with her super sweet camera. We were enjoying the sunrise before the second-to-last day of the trek.

One of the porters heading into the kitchen tent before breakfast.
Langtang Ri in the background.

Here's a short panning of the site at sunrise:

(Night 6)

I don't have any special pictures of our last campsite, but here's one from the walk:

Heading back to Mhanegang after night 6. This photo was taken by Rabindra Parajuli as we headed down into Satdobato. 


Maya said...

These photos are all so awesome! the sky is gorgeous.

Bailey said...

I LOVE your Balche tree photo, I mean, Baph-re-baph!! Also, the Jhyawati - Edward Sharpe shot is really exceptional.