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22 January 2011

Nepal #6: Call Break

How do you feel about the card game Spades? There's a game that's super popular in Nepal (even some of the villagers knew how to play) called Call Break. It's basically like Spades, but with a few modifications to make it a bit more luck-dependent. For one, players play individually rather than on teams. Second of all, if you can play higher on any given trick, you must (unless someone has trumped, or you have no higher trump). Basically, you have to try to win every trick rather than saving your good cards. Also, Nepalis deal and play in a counter clockwise fashion. This took a few turns of shuffling to get used to. They also allow you to play the trump before it has been broken, which I decided to veto because that's. just. not. cool!

(Look at that. Although my goal was to not make a list, I just ended up making one in the paragraph instead! It's hopeless. I will never be an eloquent writer.)

We played this almost every day during the home-stay and trek. It was great fun! Since it's only a 4 player game, we tended to partner up, making it even more fun! This first movie features Kusum & Mike, Ruby & Zac (the too-competitive ones), Ashwin (the one who always wins), and me & Karla.

This second one is from the time we played into the dark. I'm really just posting it because... well, it's amusing. That's all! We got a bit competitive at times...

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