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20 January 2011

Nepal #4: The Animals of Nepal

I'm sitting cozily here with my 7-year-old cousin/goddaughter Emilia. We're looking through all my pictures (I managed to get them onto my Aunt's computer to do a big presentation to the family tonight!). Emilia was most excited about the animal pictures, so she wanted to help me write a post about Nepal animals. Here we go!

First on the list: monkeys! These little (and sometimes big) guys are always around at the Hindu and Bhuddist temple sites stealing oranges from roadside stands and snacks from the tourists.

Here is a picture of the only cat I saw in all three weeks. When DDT was sprayed all over the country many years ago very few cats survived. This one was super cute though!

Doggies are EVERYwhere in Nepal. They don't usually belong to anyone in particular, but the villagers still feed them on occasion. Karla managed to take pictures of almost all of them, which likely consumed at least one entire day of our trip! :)

This little critter didn't move once in the entire time that we did our home-stay. I can't say I'm disappointed about that... It was almost the size of my hand! However, I was consoled that the spiders in Nepal are not dangerous. Emilia is yelling at me because she doesn't think spiders should be in this post.

Goats are the most common animal in Manegau (the village where we stayed). They act and play just like puppies - it's adorable! For the last night in the village a goat was slaughtered and eaten... yum!

Sometimes they even ride around on the roofs of taxis!

Almost every family in the village has a water buffalo or two (I think that is the name of this animal). They are quite ornery, but I suppose I would be too if I was tied up in a shed all day. Strangely this guy was no longer there once we returned from the trek... The village slaughters a few every month and the meat is shared all around the village and dried since there are no freezers or fridges to save it in.

Chickens run around everywhere. Our ama (grandmother) herded them by making noises. Sometimes the chicks accidentally came running into our bedroom in the morning... they just go whereever they please!

Finally, these guys were being sold on the street for 100 rupees each (~ $2). So cute! This is Emilia's favorite.

We saw lots of birds, but those are a bit tricky to take pictures of. Here are some pigeons, although those tend to be rather universal...

Supposedly we also camped close to a snow leopard...

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Maya said...

The ducks are so cute!! That's so sad about all the cats :(